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What is diagnostic trouble code ?

Diagnostics Trouble Codes (DTCs) are codes that the vehicle's electronic control unit generates when it detects malfunction or other issues.

DTC's codes

The codes in all these different types are grouped into four categories:

The OBD 2 Diagnostics trouble process is preformed by your cars onboard computer system using sensors located throughout your car's engine, drive train(p), chassis(c), body(b), and network communication(u) systems. Some fault codes indicate real problems with your vehicle and some indicate faulty sensors, see Cause and Repair Info Below.

How to find diagnostic trouble code ?

DLC place in car

Data link connector location is under dashboard on driver side of car.

If data link connector is not located under dashboard, a labe should be there telling where the connector can be found.

Latest Added DTC's

Powertrain Codes Network Codes Chassis Codes Body Codes

Don't Forget (Before & After DTC Check)

Sometimes when a Check Engine Light comes on the vehicle's engine computer will go into a "back-up" or "limp-home" mode. This allows the vehicle to continue operating until repairs can be made. Back-up or limp-home modes are not the most emission or fuel efficient way for the vehicle to operate. The problem needs to be repaired.

The Check Engine Light will stay on until the readiness monitor related to that fault has been reset and the sensor that was recorded out-of-range is seen as within range again.

Diagnostic Trouble Code look-up and check engine light code viewer.

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